About Kim

COMPASSIONATE, HONEST, RELIABLE are words that come to mind when describing Kim’s efforts in finding you that perfect home.

Kim has resided in Weston for twenty-four years.  Her experience in Sales, Marketing and Advertising are talents she brings to the table.  A previous owner of a successful business, SISTERS’ SUBS, in Weston, she looks forward to working for you with her unique dedication and commitment.

Born and raised  in Connecticut, Kim has experienced a wide variety of achievements.  Her interests in Health and Fitness led her to managing and marketing a GLORIA STEVENS Women’s Center.  She earned the Manager of the Year Award in 1985 for the Company.

Moving to Weston in 1986, Scandinavian Health Spa became her next challenge.  As a Corporate Director, she traveled the Tri-County area to promote the benefits of being healthy.  In doing  so, she introduced companies to the advantages of providing memberships to the club for their employees.

Kim was next attracted to the position of Corporate Sales Representative for Bell South Mobility. The cellular industry was a captivating and new concept in the early 90s.  It enhanced her knowledge of electronics and computer skills.

Expanding her interests, when she decided to sell SISTERS’ SUBS, Kim entered an exciting profession in Real Estate sales.

With enthusiasm and positive energy, she awaits your call.